About us

Legacy and future

RCB (Rafael Cubells Ballester SL), a pioneer in the manufacture of Steam Boilers, is based in the town of Catarroja.

Founded in 1972, the company has diversified its activities, participating in energy projects, thermal engineering projects, integrated industrial installations, and manufacturing a wide range of pressure equipment and heat exchange equipment along with various components and accessories.

With our never-ending innovation and adaptation to new technology, we have designed the most reliable, efficient and safe thermal equipment units on the market, occupying an important space in the national and international market.

We employ new materials, rigorous quality control and energy saving in order to provide products of the highest quality, and complement this with technical support all over Spain and even internationally.

This quality separates us from the rest, and is why we are so well-known in the castor and across industry. Customer satisfaction drives us, and our aim is for this to continue. Our desire is to continue being a solid supplier for the future, with innovative and reliable products in a more and more unpredictable and ever-changing world.



Bespoke Flexible Solutions

Our customers can be assured that each of our projects are unique and special. Therefore, we place the highest priority on individual customer-specific service, with flexible solutions that can be adapted to any situation or change in customer needs.

All our equipment complies strictly with criteria of design, manufacturing and evaluation indicated in European Directive 97/23/CE, and bears the CE mark as a result.



Research, Development and Innovation

True to our company philosophy of high quality and better service, each thermal unit is designed and developed combining innovation with reliability and functionality.

This is achieved by our qualified team of professionals, who study every need in the field of energy, from studies of energy saving, through to reengineering processes.



Reasons to trust RCB

Year after year, we have demonstrated to customers the quality of our products, as proved by their performance, safety and reliability. The performance, safety and reliability of our equipment guarantee us.

Maximum operational safety
Maximum reliability
Maximum efficiency
Unbeatable application conditions
Low energy consumption
Low pollution (NO2…)
Easy use and maintenance

Policy for Energy and the Environment

The importance of looking after our planet

We always focus our effort on improving all of our products, but remain committed to the environment. This commitment covers all departments and every single person involved with RCB Steam Boilers, from the design stage through to after sales service.

Our Environmental and Energy Policy allows us to reduce waste and to optimize energy consumption, among other guidelines and initiatives.

Energy Saving and Efficiency

Solid Waste Management Programme

Water Saving and Efficiency

Developing an Environmentally Friendly Culture

Strategy for zero paper use


These are some brands that have put their trust in RCB